Hisar-A "Turkish Fortress"

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Hisar-A is a Turkish low altitude missile air defense system, its a joint defense program by ROKETSAN and ASELSAN to counter planes, UAV’s and air-to-ground missiles in low altitudes or within 10 kilometers.


History of HISAR Missile defense system:

On April 18, 2007, the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries initiated the T-LALADMIS program, seeking proposals from both domestic and international defense companies to fulfill low to medium altitude air defense requirements. Following responses from 18 companies, a request for proposal was issued on September 28, 2008, for the acquisition of 18 systems, with options for an additional 27. Initial missile tests for Hisar-A in 2013 and Hisar-O in 2014 paved the way for the production phase. Aselsan was eventually awarded the contract as the prime contractor on June 20, 2015, with sub-contractors including Tübitak Sage and Meteksan Savunma. The contract encompassed a low-altitude system valued at 314.9 million euros and a medium-altitude system (T-MALADMIS) valued at 241.4 million euros. Subsequent successful tests in December 2017 demonstrated capabilities such as steep-trajectory firing and 360-degree protection. In September 2020, improved versions, Hisar A+ and O+, were introduced, with plans announced for a 100 km variant, Hisar-U, preceding Siper.

Hisar-A Specifications:


Length 7.07 m (23.2 ft)
Width 3.90 m (12.8 ft)
Height 2.20 m (7.2 ft)
Crew 4
Armor STANAG 4569 Level 4
armament Radar
Engine 400 hp
Suspension torsion bar 350 mm
Maximum speed 65 km/h (40 mph)
Weight 30,8 tons


FNSS-30 ACV is a Turkish armored combat vehicle, built by the turkish defense company “FNSS Savunma Sanayi A.Ş”. It can be configured into a missile platform such as the Hisar-A or a combat vehicle.

  • FNSS-30 ACV Specifications:
Length 7.07 m (23.2 ft)
Width 3.90 m (12.8 ft)
Height 2.20 m (7.2 ft)
Crew 4
Armor STANAG 4569 Level 4
armament Radar or Weapon System
Engine 400 hp
Suspension torsion bar 350 mm
range 500 km (310 mi)
Maximum speed 65 km/h (40 mph)
Weight 30,8 tons


Hisar System specifications go as followed:

  • 360° Event Area with Vertical Shooting Capability

  • Double Stage Motor

  • Multi-Platform Integration Interface

  • Thrust Vector Control System

  • Impact and Approach Fuze

  • Common Canister and Umbilical Cord Interface for HİSAR-A and HİSAR-O

Technical specifications go as followed:

  • System Intercept: Range 10km but can vary between the A and A+ of the missile version.

  • Warhead Type: High Explosive Particle Effect

  • Guidance: ANS* IIR** One-Way Data Link

  • Engine: Double Pulse Solid Fuel

  • Target Types: Fixed Wing Aircraft Rotary Wing Plane Cruise Missiles UAV Air-Ground Missiles

Pros of HISAR-A:

  • 360° Launch capability.

  • Both day and night operational capability (Harsh weather included)

  • Stand alone radar and FCS

  • Electro-Optical lock system

  • Option between Proximity-Impact fuses depending on the choice.

  • Ability to engage multiple targets and successive firing, thanks to its FCS and Radar


  • Cant fire the missiles on the move.

  • Little to none armour.

  • Missile launcher deploy/undeploy time

  • Low Missile count

Radar information regarding HISAR-A:


  • ASELSAN Mobile Search Radar is a 3D radar designed for mobile air defense weapon systems with modern radar technologies such as active phased array antenna, digital beamforming and solid state transmit/receive modules. MAR, which can quickly detect, track and classify low-altitude air targets as rotary or fixed wing, also has the ability to create an air picture.



Hisar-A Deployed and On move

Thank you user: @lLiberté for the information! regarding both Hisar and Hisar-A+ o7


That thing is a monster! Very cool stuff, +1.

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Not to Italy, add it but not to Italy. They have nothing to do with it. USA would be better


I thought it would suit italy the most personally but i do respect your opinion! I just thought it could help the lacking italian anti air line :')

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+1 for US TT

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Why U.S if i may ask?

US has very few options for future SPAAs. So turkish vehicles can fill the gap. Also there’s no suitable TT for Turkish domestic vehicles.

+1 for a Turkish tree
Not sure why it would go to Italy in the slightest, that tree can seemingly just claim anything…


I too would support turkish tt but it just seems lacking in aviation. So i thought that the 2nd best would be italy as it doesnt even have a proper missile aa system and that their top tier AA gets beaten by 2s38 in a lower br, but thats just my opinion :')


Proximity shells and the lead indicator :') It just doesn’t seem fair in my own opinion to have a vehicle that can do what otomatic can in a smaller battle rating

Why USA of all nations doe ? They had almost no part in the development of the thing ?


I wanna play my Turkish vehicle in a good tech tree, not Italy lol


Turkey should no go for USA or Italy (actually there is not a single tree in game that makes sense to get Turkey) so either as independant tree, or go for israel cause they share a lot of stuff (planes and tanks) and cause Israel tree is very empty
But it should be an independent tree for sure, they have to much stuff to be a subtree


Beat me to it mate yet I’m happy as that is a very well made suggestion, history of the platform is also very well written, appreciate the effort. That’s definitely +1 from me to Turkish Tech Tree, neither Italy nor USA has nothing to do with HİSAR.

Let me share some more information you might want to incorporate/fix into your suggestion;

  • There should be two missiles, HİSAR-A and HİSAR-A+

    • HİSAR-A
      • Maximum Range: 10 Kilometers
      • Maximum Altitude: 8 Kilometers

    • HİSAR-A+
      • Maximum Range: 15 Kilometers
      • Maximum Altitude: 10 Kilometers

  • Both HİSAR-A and HİSAR-A+ has proximity and impact fuses.
  • HİSAR-A’s fire control system and radar has ability to engage multiple targets and successive firing.
  • ACV-30 is re-designated as ZPTP/ACV-AD (Zırhlı Paletli Taşıyıcı Platform/Armoured Combat Vehicle-Air Defence)
  • ZPTP/ACV-AD has access to Driver’s Night Sight
  • ZPTP/ACV-AD weighs 30,8 tons

As I’ve mentioned those numbers are little off, you may want to fix them and add both HİSAR-A and HİSAR-A+ to the suggestion. Again, great work

Few more eye candy for those interested



Umarım adam gibi bir ülkeye gelir Hisar, İtalya olmasın lütfen 😭

Thank you for the information! I’ll edit with the appropriate information!


This translates to Armoured Tracked Carrier Platform

Thats the literal translation yes, but FNSS’ English designation is ACV-AD

İf you have any questions about Turkish stuff be it research or translation I can help , I am from Türkiye 👍