Hinds: Please put them somewhere else

I think this has come to the point that not only Italian players, but other nationalities that plays Italy in the game are been badly dissapointed.

  • Removed entirely
  • Added only as a seperate branch
  • Remove the Mi-24D and V, only keeping the premium P
  • Keep as it is
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We don’t like this.
Despite numerous complaints over a decent number of years, the Italian helicopter tree is not in need of hinds, needless to say, those who complained are waiting for something domestic Italian: AW149, A129A, or the latest A129D.
Gamewise speaking, the only thing that vaguely has a practical use is the Mi-24D. It does provide a chance to helorush with its big payload, but the other two 9.7 helicopters are vastly outclassed by the A129CBT, or even the A129(P), in the fragging compartment. Acting as a rocket gunboat the G.91YS is still a considerable choice. Italy does not have that big of a 9.7 lineup too.
Before adding these hinds, some Italian choices should be considered first: The list
Italy is the third nation to build indegenious attack helicopters, and currently is between one of the five amongst the world(US, Russia/USSR, China and South Africa) that does not need a collaboration project to do so.
Lastly, Romanian helicopters are also worth noticing. The IAR 317 Skyfox is one of them, another one being the IAR 316B, a copy of the French alouette, which is now a hidden premium of the French heli tree. Similar to the aviation branch, Romania can also provide a decent number of choices as a subtree.


how it was on dev server was bad enough this is just horrid, why should someone who only wants Italian helis grind hungarian, and this is added in such a way that seems like a middle finger to people who want actual italian helis not some bad copy paste


These helicopters really bring nothing to the Italian TT and are just a bunch of lazy C&P to fill the TT, that said since it’s unlikely Gaijin removes it I think it’s for the best that they’re in a separate research line and not just clog the main Italian helicopter line.

People interested in Hungarian helicopters can research those without the need of getting the Italian one and so can players interested in the Italian ones.


I want to know the logic for this, Hungarian and Italian helis have no connection, the Germans get a seperate line that is Mi-8 to Mi-24 now why do we need to grind useless hinds for any future Italian heli additions, I want to know the reasoning of why they did this, it seems just incompetent for lack of a better word.
What reasoning could there possibly be to add a completely different nations helis into an Italian heli line, it was fine when they were alone to the side, this kind of stuff will just anger those already angry about hungary being added instead of spain or brazil for italy


Are you clear minded, Gaijin? What has long been needed by Italian helicopter trees? A new top-level helicopter that can work with GRB, a suitable helicopter gift package. And what are you doing now? Adding uninteresting copy and paste mi24, a129p-t129-mi24, ge helicopters are also getting worse.

Do you really care about the Italian helicopter tree? I don’t think so, just like you don’t care about the armor of the Italian Army Ariette and the APFSDS quantity limit of the Ottomatic.

If you really want to solve the problem, why not add Hungary’s h145, why not add a129d and aw249


If I am not mistaken the Italian helicopter tt came about 3 years ago and had 3 helicopter in past 3 years
Ab205 is useless, a109 is kinda useable but it’s over br (md500 in 8.7 with 4 tow. Ah1q in 9.0 with 8 tows) but that doesn’t matter because the Italian 8.7 is gone so there is no point lowering it’s br, the a129 CBT is actually good but the grinding was painful until the recent changes that you can helis with ground vehicles. But as player who mainly play Italy and put so much time and effort to this tech tree , I prefer having hinds in tech tree than wait for another 3-4 years to get some helicopter .

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and don’t forget that the flightmodel of a109 is completely broken: it has no yaw to turn.
the “tow windows” is so high that u need to pitch down to shot an atgm even if u stay 20m over the ground…

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Yeah, imo it would be better to place them in a separate line. There are multiple Italian helicopters which should be added to the main line.

Pls Gijin make a separate line for the Hungarian Helis. Putting it all in one makes no sense and it’s just an horrible idea.

You people complaining about the Hungarian helicopters, yes I get that you want to have new vehicles instead of copy-paste add-ons.

However the fact of the matter is that Gaijin has not gotten around to it yet. Resources were not put into adding brand new Italian tree helicopters.

So what do you prefer, having existing vehicles added to the IT tree to prop-up the lineups, or nothing at all and wait until however many months or years it would take them to think it is worth while to spend resources on adding unique IT vehicles?

Now, let’s talk about this in a few points, I am very willing to discuss about it:
Firstly, does it provide useful means to Italy? Not really. The Mi-24D is kind of useful since the 9.0 lineup could use a rocket truck, but there are other means to spam rockets. The Mi-24V and P are even more useless, since there are not a single 9.7 vehicle besides the SIDAM Mistral(which is rediculously overtiered, and should be 9.0 or 9.3, mind you). So going up to 10.0, the story is completely different, as there is the mangusta, which is the best helicopter at 10.0 with a huge margin. So purposefully, they provide nothing useful if the player has a full lineup or played their cards right. In fact, what Italy needs the most is a top tier helicopter: with your copypaste statement, an A129D would surely calm the crowd, which shares the largely same model.
Secondly, placements. As if introducing them are not enough, gaijin moved them from a seperate line to the main line. This is where the community were outraged, with the introduction being enough of an insult for Italians and people researching Italian military, now new players has to grind though those practically useless helicopters, each costing well over 300K RP. Looking at your 17 Soviet and 9 German medals, you do think the Mi-24P HFS-80 was a pain in the ass to grind with, either as PVE or GRB isn’t it?
Thirdly, why should Italy get copypastes before their choices were added? As I previously stated, Italy has a very diverse helicopter industry, there were a decent numbers of suggestions already, with more to come. The AW149, being an example, is undergoing developments to fire hellfire missiles per the demand of Poland. The AW249 is the first 8-ton Non-US Western helicopter that will probably come into the suggestions tab once it has showed off the armament.
It is pointless to introduce these helicopters other than insulting Italian players, demanding an original helicopter to be added, for over three years. That is after Germany getting their tiger UHT.

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Gaijin rn: no, I don’t like this.

You put up some good arguments, I have not considered that Italy had no 9.7 vehicles. It does make the placement awkward. Saying “insulting Italian players” is hyperbolic and subjective, however I see your point.

Looking at your 17 Soviet and 9 German medals, you do think the Mi-24P HFS-80 was a pain in the ass to grind with, either as PVE or GRB isn’t it?

Me? I love the hinds. I play them in ground RB long after finishing their grind. It was definitely a long time, but I had fun along the way, definitely would not call them useless.

agreed and i am supporting that suggestion

voila, just uptier without reason 3 centauros and GJ create a 9.7 linup…

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I had to pay a whooping million SL today for this garbage A109E that is at the same Br as the Mi-24D while being way worse. No countermeasures, no IIRCM, only 2 TOW missiles and overall very slim ordinance versatility… and for what? 1 million? really? Its not even worth 8.7 when its more like an 8.3 Br heli !

Please move the Hungarian helicopters to another branch so that we don’t have to buy and research useless overtired and overpriced Italian helicopters.

Give Hungary its own subtree branch!