Hight Ping in Dubai

Hello Gaijin
I live in Dubai and I cannot play due to the high ping (200-300ms) because there is no server close to the United Arab Emirates
Knowing that Dubai has the best and fastest Internet network in the world
What can I do in this case
Please help or fix this matter by placing a server close to the United Arab Emirates
Thank you all

Maybe you could ask one of the local billionaires to sponsor a server there instead of building useless islands and ruining the ecosystem?

Gaijin Entertainment has an office in Dubai.

But, Gaijin is Gaijin and they won’t even talk to me regarding leasing a server in Perth or Auckland NZ.

You’re asking me not to live in My country to play game
This game is universal and should work in all countries without any problem
My internet speed is 1000 Mbps and you say my internet is bad
no comment

Destroying the ecosystem is very funny

We have transformed the desert into a country at the pinnacle of modernity, progress and sophistication
Your words only indicate jealousy and hatred towards one of the best countries in the world

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