High tier sim dog fights

Im trying to get more into sim as ive finally gotten used to the controls enough to have a crack at it, the problem being im not nearly as good as everyone else in dog fights at this br and i cant get any better if each fight lasts less than a minute.

This isnt rb where all i have to do is turn, or reverse them. Im looking for some general tips that would allow me to fight others without instantly crashing due to a loss of energy, especially about mach tuck and how to mitigate it in high speed turns.

My end goal is to be able to fly the Tornado out and have a chance against the hoard of mig 29s and f16s who pull on to my ass in seconds, i know i have a chance at rate fighting them but its getting into that position in the first place.

Which Tornado, specifically? The fighter variant or one of the bombers?

Both, but more of the F.3. with the new variant coming out soon i want to have another go at it in sim. I was planning of practising all of this in my F.3.

Well, for Sim EC it’s important you chose good BR-rotations, where the aircraft you want to play is at the top - especially if you want to fly fighters.

So if you fly the F.3, make sure you don’t fly at days where 12.0 birds are around, as this will mean facing Vipers and Fulcrums.

Today/tomorrow for example is good for the F.3 (or any other 11.7), as you can join matches where 11.7 is top BR:

Then two days not good (11.7-12.7), then two good days again, followed by two more bad days…

Actually, it’s even worse on those days, as you will not only face 12.0’s but all the way to the top, 12.7, so also Gripens, Flankers, Eagles,…

yeah, tried it once… emthasis on once. Even in my gripen, theres just far too much to focus on for me to even understand whats going on before ive died.

What i want to focus on is dog fighting as BVR i am fine with as its not hard when you have the RWR and radar of the tornado. Im more looking for tips on things like dampening mode and when to use it, and if i should just focus on learning IRL manoeuvres or simply try and get better at knowing when to push the plane or not.

Not sure if the Tornado F.3 is a good choice then. Its flight performance just isn’t good for that. Probably almost everything you encounter will fly circles around you in a knife-fight… = /

True, i say tornado as thats my end goal but i do also play the mig 21 and harrier, which are alot better for that. I just wanted someone to explain to me why the nose keeps dipping when in mid turn. From the sounds of it it seems to be mach tuck, but ive had it happen at low speeds as well so is this a swept wing problem as it doesn’t happen for props, or for jets like the strike master which are a dream to fly.