High ping and huge packet loss

Hi there. I live in Indonesia and no matter which server I am playing on the ping would always go above 200ms and there would be a lot of packet loss (5-50%). My internet speed is fine and works nicely on Google, YouTube and other games. This has made it pretty much unplayable. sometimes I can’t even move my tank and it would just stutter and then I just died out of nowhere. When I’m playing air battle, my plane would just take a deep uncontrollable dive and die immediately. Not to mention, the loading speed to join games is just so slow. Can someone tell me a way to hopefully fix this issue? Thanks


I live in indonesia to dude but i don’t have the same issue with you.
I am playing on EU server and it’s normal for getting ping around 200-300 and my Packet loss 0-5%. as far your internet is stable it’s no problem (Im using indihome btw). maybe you can check if there something downloading when you playing a game or maybe windows update, or where you live(like a Province/You are in the city or not),what Internet Service Provider you using right now such Telkomsel/Smartfren/IM3/3/Biznet/Indihome or something else. if you using indihome try to reset the IP until you get 36/180 it’s better for playing a game

I have just tried every single server. Here’s what I got.

CIS = ~230 Ping and 0-5% PL
EU = ~200 Ping and 0-5% PL
NA = ~330 Ping and 30-70% PL
SA = ~120 Ping and 50-100% PL

Quite weird honestly

Im indonesian, so Ping below 300 is normal, its playable but if its higher than that then its not normal, what matters the most is PL no matter how high or low packet loss is its gonna be unplayable, unless its 0% in order for the game to be playable it must be 0% packetloss so you need to stick with CIS and EU.

i had similar ping and PL on SA