High ping, 50%Pl, ground rb

I created a sicussion on steam about it, but developer told me that there are no report issues and that if i have issues i should make a post here. So here are screenshots and like session id

Also i got a ghost shell on leo 2 pzbtl and he somehow killed me behind the heel
Server EU, ground rb

I’ve been dealing with it for more than a month. I talked to my ISP which checked it throughly and everything is fine on their side. Talked to Gaijin support and I’m still going in circles with no clue how to fix it since they said nothing is wrong on fheir side.

I also checked my interner and everything is fine, cabel connection, but devs said we were not reported any issues. Now i hope they are reported

The issue seems to be finally fixed

Watch out for it in the coming days. I’ve had a few matches without PL and then it went back to 50.