High packet loss every match

Every server region has been giving packet loss of 50% and above every match in GRB for the past 2 days. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with my wifi as other games run smoothly with no PL or high ping.


same issue here, idk what happened. my friends all doing fine, while me having hard time to even connect to the server… . other game works fine, and there are no issue with my ISP

mine also for about 1 month or soo

damn a month? thats torture

I also have been having terrible pl for the past week, up to 55% percent

It is my impression that the problem is caused on Gaijin’s side though I have not seen too much negative effects recently.
A couple days ago (similar timeframe), however, I was one of the few on my team or the enemy team to spawn in the first 30 seconds which made some people unhappy, and disturbed me a bit. This may be related to the packet loss.
I would either open a ticket with support or just wait for the issue to be resolved internally.


Yeah same here, I have been facing this issue for the past couple of days, apart from high packet loss, I have also been experiencing high ping, I tried everything from my side, restarting the router, using an ethernet cable etc.

But the issue has still not been resolved yet.

Oh the outrageously long waiting for data has been quite a while now… I thought they were gonna fix it after a major update but I guess not.

If you guys can trace how your packets are reaching the server (and back) and find out where in the route latency changes, you can investigate that node in the route who is operating it. When you find out, post them.

In my study, I found out COGENT networks is switching my packets so when high volume traffic reaches a certain threshold, they’ll switch, causing changes in latency and surely, packet losses.


^^ @Mr_Po0nT45tiC has a real good point.

CGNAT (And all the internet tubes) is absolute havoc.

Besides this though, if you’re on WIFI, not a good thing to be on, ethernet all the way. Fixed line broadband all the way.

Even with ADSL, if I had someone putting an email out with large attachments, I could say bye to my tank as it’d be sitting there in front of the enemy, doing doughnuts…

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Oh that’s interesting, mind sharing how I would be able to do that?

I’m using a variety of network tools to discover active connections

Among them are:

Thanks! I’ll check it out

something like this for start

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From this, I gathered about 4 ISPs, and they were situated around the Benelux region. If I’m correct they were root SA, Amazon Data Services, Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH and Leaseweb Netherlands B.V. These ISPs are like a whole continent away from where I live so I’m taking it as a bad sign.

Check you’re actually set to your local servers or the most closest region that fits.

SA is South Asia, not South America or South Africa as some think sometimes.

You’re right. COGENT networks is no longer in the picture.

Leaseweb is now the host of game servers, and Amazon Data Services are the carrier.

lt looks like leaseweb is now the culprit in data switching.

Yup. As of right now, SA is the only server I can play but that comes with a cost of long matchmaking times, the waiting for data bug. The server occasionally skyrockets the PL too.

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do note as well that the Mediterranean cable got damaged by Huthis.