Hi, I need help understanding why my radar is different from others

Screenshot 2023-09-21 192348
Screenshot 2023-09-22 105737

That looks like the names are incomplete, which plane is this?

If you have a custom localisation mod installed, you need to update it or remove it.


I don’t think I have them installed. the only thing I downloaded were some additional sounds

this thing happens to me on any airplane. also in the settings

Try running a file check. You might have a file that got corrupted during the update.

Not sure then, that’s usually the cause of missing texts.

already done, nothing has changed

I’m redownloading the game now

Might be worth creating a support ticket

File Check via the game Launcher and not Steam.
Delete your Warthunder cache.

But this is lookin like simply missing or corrupted game files.

I solved it thanks

Nice to hear, but can you explain what exactly solved your issue?

I reinstalled the game. but I think it was a lang problem

Thanks for replying back and stating your solution to others. πŸ‘