Hi gaijin please read before it’s to late

Hi gaijin, you probably won’t believe me, but please do, I’m a cancer patient, and have been for five years now, and I don’t have much time left on this planet, and I really want the mig 29g, but with all the recent going into hospital and stuff, I haven’t had enough time to play the game and grind for it. I only ever want this one plane, please, from the kindness in your hearts, can I have the mig 29g

Sincerely, Loading _434

Has to be a first

I have a couple persons i know that had serious health issues…none of them really cared about a digital content after they were diagnosed…much to the contrary. They suddenly wanted people on their lives…

Each person is different i guess…

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Maybe you can try mailing your medical reports to gaijin. They will surely consider it. Hopefully you aren’t lying.

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@Smin1080p Can gaijin give this guy a 30 day test drive or something like that for MiG 29G?