Heyyo, Packet loss problem ( in need of a solution )

Hey. I’m experiencing this for months now, i just put up with it, but now i had enough because i activated a booster and the packet loss strikes me down and i cant spawn.

now. this happens twice in every 5 match i play. and here i am looking for a solution,
would glady accept any advice

i play in : EU CIS and NA

tracert and ping

Looks like I am having nearly the same issue. My ping averages around 15 but I am having huge packet loss issues. It is to the point where I cannot maintain or establish connection to the server (I play on NA server) long enough to have the game modes load in and join a match.

It appears that my tracert is showing similar issues. Namely that the local network seems fine, and gaijin’s servers seem fine, but packets are getting lost in the places between.

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Sadly, I don’t know how to fix it. I have opened ports, disabled security features, uninstalled norton, nothing has worked.

since tracert shows that the problem is outside Your Router AND Outside of GJ’s Server
it’S a problem of the ISP’S between you and the GJ Server

possible solution would be to restart your router and hope for the best
since GJ is not your ISP