Hey, where is my chinese PT-76? (also Gaijin Support?)

Since it was announced that the chinese PT-76 will be removed I grinded out rank 1 and 2 of China, put some Resarch Points into the PT-76 and left it like this (Should have taken a Screenshot). Now it’s gone. Why? The removed rank 5 german tanks could also be fully researched and purchased long after their removal, on the condition that you had put any amount of RP into them. I wanted to open a Support Ticket, but that service does not work for unknown reasons. Anyone else?

It was stated that you need to fully research and purchase the vehicle to be able to keep it.

  • PT-76 (China) - The tank will be hidden (in two weeks from the major update release) from the Chinese ground vehicles tree and will be not available for research. Vehicle will be added to the group with the new unit from this update - the Object 211 and will remain with players who have researched and → purchased this unit ←.

Same I had put over 30000 RP into it, and now thats just wasted?