Hey guys, old but newbie with a community question

Ive played this game off and on for a few years, im at like twier 3 coming into 4 with planes. Its been something I played here and there but I would like to get more into it however Not sure where to find a community for it.

I’m middle aged and Id like to spend a bit of hours each week drinking and piloting against other players. I don’t like drama. I suck so skill can’t be a prerequeisite. I like to have fun playing while acting a fool with other peeps online.

Who can I talk to to make this happen?

Thanks in advance,
Commander Erbun

If you are looking for a squadron to play with, mine is open, only requirements is that you are family friendly and have discord! We can help you with some tips too if you want.

Joining a squadron is a good solution…you already have an offer…if you need more…you can look here:

Do Battle Passes. Collect vehicles. You can spend the rest of your live doing this.