Hey everyone, Guess what 2 Nations are the only ones with Modern 10.7 MBTs, No Bias right Gaijin?

In realistic Battles Coincidentally one of those Nations is ALSO THE ONLY NATION WITH A 10.7 S.A.M Launcher Im guessing someone forgot to decompress those 2 tech trees right? Like one of these nations for the past 5 Years have also received new rounds for just about every one of their MBTs and none of them ever got uptiered, infact some of them received those new rounds and went down in B.R…
Meanwhile everyone else’s tank were ( and some tanks still are ) firing rounds they started with 5 years ago where they have to pixel hunt small rectangular boxes one of these 2 nations tanks to even penetrate the armor, and they’ve gone up in B.R to fight tanks that they still have to pixel hunt, meanwhile those tanks can penetrate them from any range.

But hey, im not going to be judgmental, because that would be unfair nd unbalanced… Right gaijin?


So you’re advertising for more powerful arty?