Help with Yak-38

Hi! Can anyone help me with learning how to fly Yak-38? I’ve looked around but when I try using the tactics that I have found recommended for it I can’t seem to be able to do crap. I haven’t played it too much but would like any advice for it possible. Right now, all I know is don’t turn and don’t let players behind you or your dead. Thanks, in advance!

Play it as a supporter or ambusher. If there isnt any radar missile carriers up high, climb up and dive on enemies that are distracted.

For the r60s, they are short range. Dont fire from more than maybe 1.5km when chasing. You can fire from up to about 2.5km for low energy targets. Avoid using them on any plane with flares unless you are certain they dont notice you.

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Okay sorry, that last comment was really rushed, I just wanted to acknowledge that I had seen it. I have a few questions still that I thought of.

  1. What do I do if there are radar missiles carrying planes? I don’t have CM’s and this thing can’t turn.
  2. If someone gets on my tail what do I do? How do I defend, especially without flares.
  3. Is it true that rockets work as flares? If so, should I bring them and use them as like that?

Pray (Otherwise you have to fly at low altitude or keep your distance)

Unless there is a teammate nearby then you’re as good as dead

While yes they do work as flares, they only really work in head on engagements with all aspect missiles which you should not be taking regardless


It’s war thunder… So I guess I choose…

Okay, thanks

As already stated, go low. You should only be facing r3r and early aim7s on platforms with bad radar. Staying below them will counter them. After the initial engagements, they usually dive down leaving high alt free. Just be aware

This depends greatly. Of course anything with a 16g+ missile will most likely kill you. You do have a great roll rate which you can use to dodge shots.
You basically have two choices. Survive until a friendly get them or try to get them to over shoot. In a down tier, you should be able to dodge shots until you outrun them though.

As already stated, it works for all aspect but not so well for rear aspect. You should never be in a situation to need them as you will only be facing the a10 which you can easily avoid head ons with