Help with realistic aerial battles

Is there any kind of strategy for realistic aerial battles? I need a lot to search for vehicles

I like ab but I know that rb are better for evolve in the game . pls guys

“Help with realistic aerial battles…
I want to focus on arcade battles.”

Now what?

The overall strategy in realistic aerial battle is to start the battle higher than the others.
If your plane is having trouble getting up, don’t hesitate to climb to the side of the battlefield first, and only return when all the enemy planes have been revealed.

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No bro, I meant to say that I prefer ab but I need to play rb to evolve faster
srry mate

tysm mate

In that case, you might want to edit your starting post?

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I will do this, thanks mate

AB and RB have some fundamental differences.

RB is the more attractive mode to develop modules and grind RP in general. For fighter pilots, it is probably the best mode, as most matches are won by establishing air superiority.
Bombers and attackers are there as targets, they hardly decide matches. If they do, they usually decide it for the enemy, not for their team.

AB offers the better campaign feeling. Ground developement matters and battles are usually won on the ground. Rarely does one side gain total air superiority. So in AB, attackers and bombers have a good chance to decide matches for their team. Fighters have a more varied role, but can’t usually decide games on their own. The player has the advantage to switch between the roles, however…

As you are looking at it in terms of grind speed, here is the key in both modes: Your RP income depends very much on how long you live with a single vehicle. Survival matters, in RB and (surprisingly) also in AB. Stay alive above all else.