Help with purchase

Is it possible to get in contact with a Gaijin staff member to transfer a Steam-bought premium plane onto my PS4 account? Because I accidentally bought the MiG-21bis Lazur Pack on Steam and couldn’t get it on my PS4 account.

Hello @YTTheNewKiller26,

Please contact our support regarding questions or issues related to your account or purchases:

I tried but I couldn’t get anything other than just the choose your own adventure on the support site

Also when I try to login it just sends me to the profile page on the Gaijin site and when i do get to the support request area this is all i can choose.

@apemax guessing you cant or dont know anyone who can help then?


Please bear with us our support site seems to be having a few issues, Please wait until the issues have been resolved with our support site then submit a ticket. Our support will then be able to help you.

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