Help with getting documentation for the L39A SMK shell for the L7 cannon

Hi guys, I am trying to bug report the missing L39A SMK shell, this was the standard smoke shell for the l7 and lrf in british service. it is currently present on the Swedish Cents as the Rökgr m/61 in game, but i need some sort of documentation that is not just wiki and trust me bro so we can get it implemented on the following tanks:

  • Vickers Mk 1
  • Vickers mk 3
  • Vickers mk 11
  • vfm5
  • Vijanta
  • cent mk.X

BDEC 1980 again

So if it was in game it’d work a bit like the HE-TF shell in that it has a programmable fuze for when to deploy the smoke


thanks a bunch bud

what is the full name of the source so i can slap it in, i assume some photos of the shell will also suffice

British Defence Equipment Catalogue (BDEC) 1980, Twelfth Edition, Volume 2: Products
Section 42: Ammunition and components, 105 mm ammunition for tank guns (Page 1170)

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wonderful, the great gospel carries through as normal, :)

Did you have these ones? Apparently from the Dutch Leopard 1 TM


Supports the presence of the No.390 time Fz and the fact it’s a base ejecting round that dispenses 3x canisters

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sweet and nope :)