Help with game freezing and crashing my laptop


I cannot get this game to work. After the most recent update, as usual, I got stuck on ‘connecting to server’ but this happens for me every first day of any update so I let it slide. The next day I try again and still can’t get it to work. I reinstall 4 times but it still freezes on ‘connecting to server’ and even crashes my entire laptop (macbook air 2019, Yes I know it’s a surprise how it maintains 17 fps on grb). I reinstall, check files, restart laptop again today (3 days later) and still gets frozen on connecting to server and now just outright crashes my laptop. This has never happened before and there has been relatively no new change to my hardware or any data. Please help.

Welcome to the club. It isn’t the first time this issue has been present and it’s hard to say how widespread it is since you have factors like how not that many players do war thunder on Mac (as far as I can tell) and many players don’t seem to go on the forums or bug report site. I already made a topic on the forums about this issue but I won’t bother linking it here since it isn’t really necessary. Currently there is a bug report up for this issue but it hasn’t been looked at yet meaning it hasn’t been labeled as acknowledged yet, which I have included a link to below.

All I can say though is that trying to redownload the game or anything like that won’t fix this issue, as it resembles a past bug that I had experienced a few months ago, and well the only way it was fixed was by Gaijin (inadvertently I should add), and the current issue resembles that same issue in about every way but is slight worse (not in a sense you should be concerned but it seems to me to be sightly worse than before).

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Should I wait a couple more days to see if Gaijin fixes this or should i make another bug report?

Just wait, don’t bother with another bug report as they have to go through existing bug reports as well so it will take time before they would get to a second one. Not to mention a second one is unnecessary as it would be closed due to being a duplicate. It’s best just to stick with the current and most active bug report for it as it legitimates it more since you have more people coming out discussing about the issue.

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