Help Needed - How to use activate orders in battle

I’ve received orders as a battle trophy and so far I’ve been unable to activate them. In the battle prep screen (or whatever it’s called) the option “orders” is listed, I click on it and it displays any/all orders I have in inventory. When I click on any given order, I get an error message saying I can’t activate it now and I must wait until later. So I go into battle and there’s nothing (that I can see) to activate an order; my (vehicle) is destroyed, I’m back in the prep screen, I try to activate an order before going back into battle and I get the same error message. Does anyone here know what I’m missing or doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

In oder to activate an order you need to be in a running match.

Just open the lobby screen / scoreboard and you will find on the right bottom a link to your available orders. Even if you are dead but watching as spectator you can activate orders from the leaderboard screen, but not upfront a match.

UncleJWick, thanks! I never thought to look there! You’ve been most helpful!

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