Help me find the difference please?


(Referring to Air RBs in this post!)

Can someone please point out to me, what are the differences
(besides the obvious premium/non-premium differences, like talisman etc.) between:

  • Spitfire Mk IIa


  • the premium Spitfire Mk IIa Venture I

Same holds actually true for the Rank I /BR 1.3 gift premiums the various nations have - is there any REAL difference between the premium version and the regular one?

  • premium Galer’s F3F-2


  • tech tree regular F3F-2

I am asking because in all aspects, the values I can see on the sheets are identical. But maybe something is at work here beyond the pure numbers?

Thanks in advance!

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You dont have performance difference between theses planes.
Theses Premiums are just “collector” or a specific iconic pilot’s plane and have bonuses for earn SL and RP.


None, really.
They’re low tier/starter premiums with some pilot names strapped onto them.

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Usually the only differences are the amount of RP and SL you get - check those.

Such a fun plane to have a backup on, so you can fly the ‘variant’ 4 times, and not just twice.

Just Premium vs non-premium differences. So it’s all to do with the economy

Hi @Lady_Etaski

The answers that were posted before this are pretty spot on. But besides the point of supporting the game, I have 2 reasons why I buy selected Premiums:

  1. The most obvious being the “Collector’s” value of having some of them.

  2. But for me, one of the more important things is the fact that you don’t have to research them all the way out like the regular equipment. I found it helpful when I was advancing through the ranks to have at least one piece in each rank that was always ready to go. I could play my machines that need work done, but if the battle was really heated or I found myself uptiered (starts to happen as you train your crews and they gain in rank), I could just jump in a Premium and go and fight hard and have a little fun before the battle was over. It takes some of the edge off of grinding, especially through the middle ranks. And of course the bonus SL and RP you get when you use them as mentioned above.

I know that is a less technical answer, but I thought it might help to post the reasoning I use for buying Premmies. :P

Welcome aboard and I hope you have many fun battles! See you on the battlefield! Unless you see me first! :D