Help identifying this APFSDS

Hello everyone, I just recently purchased this APFSDS from someone and I’m not sure which specific model it is. The seller said it was from a ZTZ 80 tank, but I dont know what round it is. If anyone could help me identify it I would appreciate it, thanks.

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There is nothing written or stamped on it?

Not that I can see. This photo is the only one that was listed on the website for it.

Its almost surely a training model or mockup and not a real service projectile.

The seller did send this photo of it, after I had messages/paid him. I got tracking info on it through UPS

Let us know what shows up. Hopefully not a bullet keychain. lol.

Can you get some measurements of it? It may help narrow it down, instead of trying to base it off of general shape.

What is the width of that obturator, too?

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I’m not sure, I don’t have the projectile yet. Just these two photos of it. When I get it I will measure it

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Ah, alright, I thought you took these. sorry!

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Does it come with the casing? Or just the rod and sabot only.

I think it will only come with the rod and sabot.

Well it is kinda hard to guess but i figure it most probly gonna be a DTW2-105
Note the sabot shape there.
This is just my speculation tho so maybe wrong. Can’t you ask the seller?

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I’ll message him right now, I dont know if he’ll respond right away. I ordered the round very early this morning and had to wait till around noon for a reply

The listing doesn’t have any identifiable details or is it just very vague like “Chinese 105mm for sale”? lol, also how much is it? I’m kinda fancy one too for my room decorate.

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