Help identifying a Panther

Hi all,
I would need your help identifying a Panther tank, a group of Italian soldiers had the chance of testing a Panther in the Training Ground of Paderborn between the 15th of May 1943 and the 25th of July 1943.
Does anyone know which Panther version would be available in Paderborn in those days?
Keep in mind that the Tiger in Paderborn at that time was a Tiger H1.
Unfortunately there are no pictures of the crew on the tank.
Thanks a lot for your help!


No available pictures unfortunately… we would need to identify it based on the informations available like where it was (Training Ground in Paderborn) and the dates (between May and July)


Not thanks for your help XD

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For the months and the year, it is most likely that it would be a Panther D, since that model entered combat in the Battle of Kursk being little more than a pre-production model, and that battle lasted between July and August 1943.

All early production Panthers were shipped to Falkensee and Nürnberg for some rebuilding program from April to May then another in June? If i have to guess then it would be the first refit of the Panther D

You mean it is a pre-production Panther modified to the D Standard or a D refitted?