HELP! I need you guys, to help me find out more about these vehicles

I was digging on the WoT Forum, and found these. But i cant find enough information about them, so Dear players Help. Also you are welcome to post vehicles you need help with. Swedish ones ofc.

Ikv 72 variants

“Ikv 72 production version”

“Ikv 72 with the 10,5cm L/21 gun used on the Sav m/43”

“Mortar carrier version of the Tk fm/49 with dual 12cm mortars”

L/60 variants

“Swedish L-60 prototype”

“Strv m/40k”

Landsverk Lago


If i remember correctly the Lago 1 is VERY incorrect in its current implementation.

  • The cannon is a 47mm Hungarian model.
  • the hull 13.2 MG isn’t even modelled.

Ikv 103, info.

“Strv S1”

“Fm 49” Lvkv 42, There has to be some pictures out there of the inside. There has to be more/better ammo storage in the hull. We must have better capacity. Then i will be at peace!

Some of these i can help with.

Strv m/40K was a variant of the Strv m/40 produced in Karlstad (Thereby the K). Instead of relying on add-on armor to reach a 50mm protection like the Strv m/40L, the K variant came with upgraded armor from the get go. As well as the welded frontal armor equaling the add-on armor package (50mm), the K also had its side armor upgraded to 19mm. The K received upgraded suspension as to not affect mobility, some also had a mount for a mortar on the engine deck.

The L-60S prototype in the picture was an L-60 equipped with a Landsverk “Lynx” turret of the design m/39 (Also known as the Danish Lynx turret as they were intended for export), it has a 20mm Madsen and an 8mm machine gun. The L-60 had alot of talk for a 20mm armed version, Poland was very interested if i recall correctly.
Same turret as the Pbil m/39

The S1 is tricky and i only know a little about it, it was the first real itteration of the 103 we know and love, it was electric powered and used for experiments with direction and observation. The future aiming system and sighting hood were also tested. It had a secondary 20mm cannon on the roof and was covered in a metal box the first time it was used outside to preserve secrecy.
Death box

But i must ask, Ikv 72 production? Quite the common vehicle, google should find some info on it or is it something specific you’re wondering about it? Fun fact though, two versions of the Ikv 72 exist, A and B, the difference lies in the gearbox, sort of like the Strv 74V and H.

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Anything bout this??

Ikv 72 equipped with a 105mm m/44 cannon, i have scraps that can be formed into theories, that is to say i know nothing but i can assume, extrapolate data and such. If you want concrete info, im afraid i don’t have it.

When the Ikv 72 was being developed it was clear that to be an effective Infantry support vehicle the minimum caliber needed to be 10.5 cm, however as no such cannon was available they armed the 72 with 75mm m/41 cannons as a stopgap until a newer 10.5cm cannon was developed.

So all in all one can assume the M/44 cannon was an attempt to add the 10.5cm cannon the Ikv 72 was supposed to have from the start earlier, skipping the need for the stopgap 75mm and giving the army the vehicle they wanted. This is pretty likely as the chassis in the image does not entirely match with production Ikv 72’s, suggesting this was before they entered service.

I did however find out why the “Mortar carrier version of the Tk fm/49 with dual 12cm mortars” was cancelled. Early 50’s attempt on the chassis that would become the Ikv 72, firing the mortar was too much for the suspension to handle so trials with it ceased, it would also hurt the knees of the crew if they were standing straight.