HELP: How do I invert the mouse wheel zoom axis?

I re-installed War Thunder after many months, and have to re-do all my controls. While I have now figured out and re-set settings to how they were before, I am stuck on one control.

For both Ground and Air, my mouse wheel is set to the zoom axis (which is what I want). However, the default setting for this is scroll up - zoom in and scroll down - zoom out. I want this to be inverted as that is literally how I’ve played this game all the way back since 2016. When I go to the settings for this, I’m unable to actually set the mouse wheel values in the “Increase value”/“Decrease value” fields. When I click on these fields to assign a button, my mouse wheel scrolls in either direction are not recognised. Two images below to show what I mean.

The last image is of the “Zoom in Hangar” setting (in “Common”), where the default “Increase value”/“Decrease value” fields have “M.Wheel Up”/“M.Wheel Down” as I want to do for the Zoom axis setting. How do I replicate that for air and ground zoom axis?

I’m using a Mac and a external Logitech bluetooth mouse (though I doubt this is the problem since I’ve played on the exact same Mac with the exact same mouse before without issues).

Any help would be appreciated!

Easy, hold your mouse upside-down … ^^

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I know you’re joking but I literally played a low tier Air RB game just now doing just that.

Click on increase and scroll up, click on decrease and scroll down. If thats not the way you want it then switch them, click on increase and scroll down, click on decrease and scroll up. It might be written as something different to default, but along as you entered your scroll up/down in the increase/decrease field it should work. You can also set an ‘enable axis’ key, like on Windows ‘control/CTRL’ key enables the zoom function/axis for ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys.