Hello, why is the DRIVER HATCH GLASS SOOO strong?

I’ve noticed while playing. When I try to hit the gap between the driver and gun on the Abrams tank, sometimes it hits the driver’s glass instead. I find this confusing since I don’t understand how the glass can withstand a 125mm Fin Stabilized Sabot round weighing 5 kg. It’s frustrating and I hope that this issue can be resolved, as it doesn’t seem realistic to me. also you won’t know what I’m talking about until you hop on a match or two to get an idea. Thank you.

Optics eating rounds are old as tanks in WT. Back when KT was top tier, T-34-85 driver hatch was eating 88mm APHEBC shells like nothing, so they do that for a over 8 years now. Doubt it changes any time soon.


i have had the same issue but with soviet driver port glass instead so many time


which makes you wonder…
Why on’t they sell those glass shit for ge ?
(a joke btw)

but yeah its as old as the tanks are

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ok, thanks. didn’t expect some real OG’s would see my post, but seems like this is a known/old issue, anyways I hope it gets fixed.

Personally I think things like optics and mantlet MGs should not be modeled because they are so strong when they should be weak. T-34s are one of the worst offenders.

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A premium tank made completely of driver hatches, get on it Gaijin.

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naaah im crying man 💀😭

Valid point

if you think this is strong, fire at a tiger 1’s driver hatch.

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why stop there ?

instead of bushes they could start selling driver viewports as “add on armor” or smt like that

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Shurley it’s not that bad right?