Hell Cannon on Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Truck

I want to suggest this technical to the game. This is going to be a very unique vehicle. There won’t be any other vehicle like this.
This was used by Syrian opposition (Free Syrian Army) in the Syrian civil war.

It has a improvised Jahannam(Hell) Cannon as its armament.
The Jahannam (Hell) Cannon was first manufactured in 2012 in the Idlib countryside, it was first designed to bombard the town of al-Foua, but it was used largely during the Battle of Aleppo, and in the fight against ISIS. The cannon is vulnerable to counter-battery fire in the open countryside, but advantagous in the close quarter fighting and can hide behind walls. Mounting the cannon on a light truck also greatly improved its mobility.

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The cannon barrel is about 3 feet long, and the caliber is more than 200mm.

The reloading rate is about one minute according to this video:
Firing Hell Cannon - YouTube
Syrian large caliber mortar firing propane tanks with explosives - YouTube
In more urgent cases, I think it can be increased to 30-40 seconds.

The projectile reportedly has a range of 1.5 kilometers.
The projectiles are gas tanks welded to a 2-foot metal tube with about the same circumference as the cannon’s muzzle. The projectile is filled with liquefied petroleum gas(propane) and shrapnel.

According to the news, the projectile weights about 88 pounds and three quarters of the weight were explosive.
It is hard to get an intuitive sense when looking at these numbers. I did some research and calculation.
I want to try to see how powerful are the explosion of those gas cylinders compare to the equivalent weight of TNT.

First I found this article: Studies of the TNT equivalence of propane, propane/oxygen, and ANFO | SpringerLink

I also asked ChatGPT.

88×(3/4) = 66 pounds ≈ 29kg
with the information ChatGPT told me.
29×11.12 = 322.48kg
If all of the energy is released, 29kg of propanen is equivalent of about 322kg of TNT!

The charge of the Sturmtiger rocket is only 135kg.
shot 2023.08.05 13.14.36

But energy is not the same as power. The TNT explosion reaction time is generally one hundred thousandth of a second (the atomic bomb is shorter), which can generate huge pressure and shock waves in a very short time. The explosion speed is almost 7 kilometers per second, which is already close to the first speed in the universe. The temperature generated by the explosion is about 2600K, and the generated pressure is about 17 GPa (1 GPa = 10000 atmospheres) [5].

The reaction time of liquefied petroleum gas explosion is about a few hundredths of a second to a few tenths of a second, and the pressure generated is generally tens of atmospheres. Therefore, the explosion power of liquefied gas of the same mass is far less than that of TNT explosives. Nevertheless, the power of the explosion is still enormous.

In China, an explosion accident of a tank truck carrying 26 tons of liquefied natural gas caused an explosion equivalent to 200 tons of TNT.

Either way, it’s going to be like a Sturmtiger but on a truck. I cannot find the exact TNT equivalent of the propane tank, but this is an improvised weapon anyway. It does not have to be exact. There is no standardized factory, every round is different. If it is added to the game, the explosion power can be a random value between certain range.


Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Fifth Generation FE444.


It weights about 6 tons and it is powered by a turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder diesel engine with 127 hp.




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Wow! Imagine how big the crater would be. Also it can Overpressure any tank!

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