Helicopter Rockets

I used to be able to fire 1 rocket from a single Hydra pod and One from the other

(so not 2 rocket’s at a time, its a single rocket from 1 pod when 2 rocket pod equipped)

After I flew my AH-1S all helicopters starting firing 2 rockets (1 from each pod) at once

Doe’s anyone know how to make it fire a single rocket again? (1 rocket from 1 pod, not 1 rocket from 2 pod)

it would appear that you at some point keybound fire rocket (fires 1 rocket) to fire rocket salvo(fires 2 or more) you would just need to fix the keybind most likely.

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I have it set for “fire rocket” and a seperate key for “fire rocket salvo” however “fire rocket” fires 1 rocket from each pod, before it only fired 1 from a single pod even if 2 were equipped


My “Fire Rocket” Key is Mouse button EX2 (my mouse has 2 side buttons so I use 1 for flare 1 for rocket)

and “Rocket Salvo” is Right Mouse button

may want to put in a bug report then that’s not normal

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