Helicopter Gunner Sight Bug

Normally, when autopilot in gunner sight is turned off you maintain full control over your aircraft even while in the gunner sight mode. Currently this is only happening in fixed wing aircraft, every helicopter I try to fly right now will not allow me to control the helicopter whilst i am in the gunner sight, i have no ability to roll or pitch. I can still rotate right or left but the lack of ability to manuver has broken helicopters for me.

I dont know if this is an existing problem and theres already a ticket for it but I couldnt find one so here it is.

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Having the exact same issue, very annoying

Solved it, the problem lies with the manual missile controls, remove all bindings for manual control of missiles and it should work. My manual missile controls were set to ALT+WASD to control them and for some reason was interfering with my normal WASD movement controls HENCE why it left my Yaw (E+Q) unaffected.
There is no need for manual missile controls on helos anyway because there are no MCLOS missiles on helos, only SACLOS and F&F

Thanks man!!