Helicopter EC bug with missile guidance

Hi there,

I have been noticing a very annoying issue in helicopter EC : after some time (around an hour), all missiles become near impossible to use :
• air to air missiles almost always miss
• hellfires never hit their targets anymore
• radio/laser/wire guided missiles behave like the radial acceleration is huge, so unless you fire your missile very straight (i.e. not off-center), your missile will have big oscillations and will never hit the target…

It has happen to me EVERY SINGLE game in helicopter EC for the past month at least. It is extremely difficult to finish the game since it is mandatory to use unguided rockets to do so, and spaa are very tough to destroy with their 3km range.

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Same problems here.

Everybody have this problem. I don’t know if a ticket was create for moderation and managers. I reply in another post for explanation. But after an amount of points or time, your missiles gone useless and never touch whatever you do.

I notice this issue when they changed the “missiles” act more accurately to the reality.
my problem is I cannot hit moving targets in the KA-50, stationary targets are no problem.
the target system has gone backward, I have to go to the targeting view to select the target and then go to the outside view to fire on the moving target I have a 50% kill rate, and in the targeting view I have like a 10% kill rate.
If I stay in targeting view it keeps adjusting the pin point of the target or drops the target as if it went behind a tree or building.