Heli PVE guided Rockets dont work after 1 hour


Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Heli PVE, and I noticed that after one hour, guided missiles stop working properly. I was using the Ka-50 with the Vikhr missiles. If possible, I’ll attach a video clip to demonstrate the issue.

it is 1 hour and 8 minits exactly,
i try take second hely in that same match problem is stil there,
i dont now it is bug or in purpus.
You can use atghms after this time but
you must not moveng whit hely best by in hower mode
and thei stil fly litle weird
its very good for frst swedish hely-sarcasm.

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its a known Issue, after 1 Hour the Guidence system from ATGM begins to fail

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it’s not just ATGMs either in Sim it’s all missiles including IR and SARH making a lot of fights a coin toss of luck