HEAVY FPS drops during matches

About a week and a half ago I started experiencing HEAVY and I mean HEAVY FPS drops during matches, mainly mid match where there is a lot of fighting. I am unsure if this is just a me issue as recently I reseated my GPU, rolled back drivers, and updated drivers again (all while using DDU). However during all this noticed this occurring during this process as well as no matter how far I rolled back it still happened.

Before this I typically sat at 144-140 and in some cases 132 FPS if something big was happening. But now I see it dropping to 90 and below for seemingly unknown reasons causing short 1 second freezes that has s far gotten me killed multiple times. Is this a me issue or is this a problem many are having right now?

I also sometimes see this occurring in the hangar as when idling I noticed FPS drops of 12 or more as well as in test drive, so it seems to be occurring outside of matches as well.


I am striked too.
Normally i have 140fps dropping sometimes to 120.
Now it drops down to 70 sometimes and micro lags appear.
Did same procedure as you and nothing happened.
I played with all parameters in the options but it doesn’t help either.

Someone knows at which date this XeSS feature was implemented?
I can’t remember it was there last time i looked into the graphic options.

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I considered that normal :d

Yeah this (from what I noticed and idk if it caused this) happened after reseating my GPU and what not, from what I tested in test drive, shooting your first tank drops the FPS tremendously. In mid match, being in the frenzy of a map like Alaska in the center of the map mainly, fps drops drastically from 144-ish to 90 or lower. Still unsure whether or not this is a game issue or me issue though.

DLSS on or off? I get normal performance with it on, but when I turn it off (and I would since it looks way sharper) I can get down to 50 or 60 if there’s a lot of stuff happening in the ground. My hardware gets me above 250FPS with ease with DLSS.

im suffering from that too, maybe the new event or some update are making conflict in game archives

I’ve been getting this problem since the start of the event too. about a week ago I had average 100fps on every game, never went below 60, and now i get from 20 to 50 average, almost unplayable sometimes.

Same happening to me, it started about a week ago, and the problem went away for one day but got back and is persisting. I’ve tested other games and everything was normal, so it’s something with WT.

turn off the download and upload p2p update process it help or limit the speed

yeah, i already played some fps games and the fps drops only happen in wt. hope gaijin fix this

I think I tried every fix I could find online and Im still getting stutters and fps drops

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Suttering have started like yesterday, but it’s getting ridiciolus now.
Normally i have ~200 fps in game on max setting, but out of nowhere it’s dropping to 50, sometimes even 20.
I had done almostt everything that I found may help (getting older drivers for GPU, diasbling USB ports, forcing windows for max efficiency in game, etc.) does not work either.
It’s getting so anoying right now because the game is unplayable, and I’m not able to find any solution for that.
The specs
RTX 4060
16 gb RAM


Same issue here…
My settings :

GPU : 4080 S

Same issue as well.