Heavy fighter paradox: Lightweight with great climb handle like boats, heavy with bad climb are responsive?

We has the ki83 and de havilland hornet mk3, these two are very good climbers, the first one has two Mitsubishi engines and the other one has two p51h engines (late war merlins). An issue with these is that ki83 and hornet are very boaty and irresponsive with god awful control dampening, although the hornet is extremely fast and has very good high speed S pull. The Ki83 can somehow dogfight some jets but it’s still quite sketchy.

Then you have the mid ground like the p38l which is both a fantastic dogfighter and an acceptable climber.

And you finally go to the worst climbers, such as the ta154, the f82 and the j5n1, planes that don’t climb a lot but handle very well within their boatiness. Why?