Heavy Cruiser Bolzano

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Between the end of 1928 and the beginning of 1929 studies were conducted for the construction of a new cruiser of the “Trento” type improved on the basis of the directives made by a specific Commission for the construction of the new units, chaired by the Undersecretariat of State of the Navy. According to these directives, without prejudice to the standard displacement of 10,000 tons, the speed of 36 knots and the protection of the “Trento”. The new unit should have had the following characteristics: 203 mm implants equal to those of the “Zara” class, with a reduction in the thickness of the armor towers. Better watertight compartmentalization, so as to allow good conditions of buoyancy and stability too with three contiguous flooded compartments. As for protection, it was decided to adopt that of the “Trento”. The project for the construction of the new improved “Trento” cruiser was approved by the Ships Project Committee and the unit was then ordered on 25 October 1929 at the Ansaldo Shipyard in Genoa-Sestri. set on 11 June 1930, it entered service on 19 August 1933 with the name of “Bolzano”.


Crew: Officers: 25 - Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 700

Empty weight: 13.243 tons
Full load: 13.885 tons

Length: 196,9 m - 187,16 m between stern and bow
Width: 26 m
Nominal Draft: 6,6 m
Full Load Draft: 6,8 m

Protection Armor:
Horizontal maximum: 50 mm (above deck 60 mm, below deck 50 mm)
Vertical maximum: 70 mm
Revolving turrets maximum: 100 mm (front and rear walls 100 mm, side walls 80 mm, sky 80 mm)
Shooting director turret maximum: 80 mm (walls 80 mm, sky 60 mm)
Command tower maximum: 100 mm (walls 100 mm, sky 50 mm, floor 40 mm)

Engine System:
10 sub-vertical water tube boilers
4 groups of turbines Parsons type
4 propellers
Power: 150.000 HP
Speed: 35 knots (64,82 km/h)

4432 miles (7133 km) at 16 knots
2975 miles (4788 km) at 25 knots
900 miles (1448 km) at 35 knots

8 Cannons 203/53 Mod. 1929 (4 twin turrets)
16 Cannons 100/47 OTO Mod. 1928 (8 twin turrets)
4 Cannons 40/39 mm AA Vickers-Terni
8 Machine guns 13,2 mm AA Breda Mod. 1931
8 Torpedo tubes 533 mm (4 fixed twin installations)
1 Catapult with 3 reconnaissance seaplane Piaggio P.6 - Since 1937, 2 reconnaissance seaplane IMAM Ro.43





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