Heat Cage and Rubber Side Skirts for Type 62

Should the Type 62 get a modification for a heat cage and rubber side skirts?

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  • No
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A single image is known about the Type 62 with rubber side skirts and a heat cage around the turret. Perhaps both of the add-ons could be a modification for the vehicle. Not much information can be provided due to the lack of sources.

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you can refer to the appearance from the WOT, this is just a simple modification

Considering the differences (in which there are many), it seems that the new Type 62 should be an entirely separate vehicle in the tech tree due to technological differences; perhaps even an apfsds round that could be added to the vehicle. It would most definitely raise in battle rating because of the laser rangefinder and possible new apfsds round.

so let it be a new vehicle, not a modified accessory