HE-TF shells and Anti-Aircraft shooting under BR 8.0

In the current environment, with the addition of heavy bombers and nuclear bombers. The combat effectiveness of large-Caliber anti-aircraft guns is increasingly being valued by combat situations below BR8.0. Although the existing SPG system has provided an option for HE-VT, its functional settings are not suitable for most ground to air shooting situations. Therefore, the combination of German 8.8cm Flak37 or Soviet 76mm 3-K anti-aircraft guns and their HE-TF provided in earlier versions has become the best choice today.

However, with the recent testing of such weapons, there are significant issues with the HE-TF logic of these weapons. The delay setting of its HE-TF cannot be manually completed by the player and must be linked to the rangefinder of the vehicle. Due to the outdated ranging system of lower level vehicles. The current combat effectiveness of heavy aircraft with flight heights typically exceeding 2000m is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the fragmentation effect of HE-FT has not been optimized for the current version of the vehicle. Whether targeting helicopters or existing fixed wing aircraft, the fragmentation effect is difficult to effectively kill the aircraft.

With the testing, another significant issue also emerged:
When multiple players use HE-TF at the same time, players can only see their own shells exploding and cannot observe others. This phenomenon also occurs in target players, who cannot determine whether they are in the attack environment of HE-TF ammunition through the smoke cloud of shell explosions.

Based on this, I hereby propose a suggestion:

  1. Reset the corresponding logic and killing effect of HE-TF shells.
  2. Add more corresponding vehicles that can use HE-TF ammunition.

I also send this in SUGGESTION btw.


We need HE-TF mechanism to be properly implemented, the current stage has no practical differences from the standard HE shells. Setting the fuse only through rangefinding is stupid.