HE/HESH shells, the discussion of and about bugs

So I’ve created a bug report on the bug report site, I’m also posting it here so that it reaches you guys too. It will be a copy-paste for the people who don’t want to switch sites constantly.

Bug report: Gaijin.net // Issues

This will be the third time I have made a report about this, only this time the evidence is even more damning than before. Not only is the implementation of overpressure still buggy, but it is also so unreliable that a 20+kg TNTe shell can just non-pen a tiger on its turret.

The problem of HESH shells having little to no effect on tanks (while having more TNTe value than a HE shell from a tank of the same BR range like in the case of the CR1s shell L31A7 vs 3OF26 shells used by Russian MBTs) is incredibly clear. Even when shot directly at the hull roof of a tank from a very unlikely angle, the HESH shell with significantly more TNTe only knocks the driver out and destroys a single fuel tank. I understand that the HESH shell is supposed to spread out onto the armour and explode and not supposed to “penetrate” the armour in the conventional sense, but this then leads to the next proof that I have already mentioned in my prior reports.

As you can see in the screenshots of me shooting at a Tiger 2P’s turret with a shell that has a TNTe value of over 21kg, the shell is incredibly unreliable in killing the tank in one shot, which is kind of what it’s supposed to do. A shell which takes more than 35s to reload and which also has more than twice the amount of TNTe of say the Type 75 SPH, is less reliable at killing a Tiger 2P than even when you’re using the Type 75 shell that the SPH gets.

Another thing to mention is that the overpressure effect seems to not scale with the explosive mass of a shell. If you take the two shells of the Type 75 SPH and test them on a Tiger, the M107 shell seems to do more or less the same compared to the Type 75 shell, although it has more than 2kgs more in TNTe mass. Very unusual.

Lastly, I just want to link the previous reports I’ve made and also reference Oddbawz’s latest (at the point of uploading this report) video on the M728 CEV just as an extra example of how unreliable the overpressure mechanic has been of late.

Report 1: Gaijin.net // Issues
Report 2: Gaijin.net // Issues
Oddbawz’s gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5623PruxaNA