HDR Washed out and NVIDIA Reflex doesn't work

After today’s update, with HDR turned on, the colors in the game are terribly washed out. The NVIDIA Reflex setting is permanently disabled and cannot be turned on.


And everything seems to have a white border around it

Same thing has been happening to me with reflex, tried using ULLM in control panel but that’s not working either, unfortunately no one is answering why. HDR seems fine now for me.

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It looks like it’s a problem with HDR being washed out but instead it is every edge of text, menu’s, vehicles and textures having a white border around it. And yeah using NVIDIA Control Panel and GeForce Experience you can’t seem to enable NVIDIA Reflex. I’m about 70% sure that NVIDIA Reflex is the issue here.

Same issue using Nvidia here. Narrow white borders on all the menu items and the quality looks like I’m using ULQ, but with my normal settings that worked the day before.

Changing them to low, medium, film etc = no change.

Edit: Update, switching to Windows mode, vs Fullscreen or Fullscreen Windows solved the effect of removing the ULQ look.

solved: Under the control panel, graphics, War Thunder - driver settings, Image scaling was turned on. I turned it off and the game has returned to normal. I can select any of the options and no problems.
Not sure what changed in the actual game from before the new update to now, but the ULQ issue is resolved.

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I confirm, changing from full screen to window and back from window to full screen fixes the colors, NVIDIA REFLEX is still broken and cannot be turned on.
Of course, changing from full to window and from window to full is only a workaround, not a solution. We are waiting for the patch.

Edit :HDR is still broken, the colors seem to have returned, but now they are exaggerated in the other direction, they are too strong. These are not the colors I had before the patch.

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Colours still seem washed out for me, again it seems like it’s the white borders around every single edge of textures, menus and vehicle models that are making the colours seem washed out.

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NVIDIA REFLEX already works, HDR still doesn’t work properly, the colors are terribly faded.

I get working HDR for 5-10 minutes and then the game instantly goes darker and washed out. In the past when the game would be washed out I could tab out and back in and HDR would “reset” itself to get the colors back, but since last patch that no longer works.