Hayabusa class Guided-missile boat

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Hello today I will introduce a missile patrol boat for Japan the Hayabusa class!

Short History
The Hayabusa class was to replace the previous PG-1 Go class or PG-02 which we are familiar with in War Thunder, this was because of issues that arose with the design of the the previous class and so in 1995 development began during the development phase the speed was drastically reduced and went through several design iterations after the 1999 coast of Noto Peninsula incident the need for speedy boats was prioritized with development finishing by 1999 which ended with a speedy but better equipped boat compared to the original design. In 2000 the first vessel the JS Hayabusa was laid down and then in 25 March 2002 it was commissioned and put in active service with the JMSDF, other boats of the class soon followed commission with the last boat JS Shirataka being commissioned on 24 March 2004 a total of six boats were made. As of 2023 all boats are still in service with the JMSDF however a new vessel is in development that will succeed the Hayabusa class.

The Hayabusa class was the first JMSDF boat to feature stealth characteristics such as the superstructure which was sloped to reduce direct radar reflection and the tripod mast and 76mm gun incorporate stealth features. The missile load is the same as the PG-1 class with a total 4 Type 90 SSM-1B missiles however the gun is now a Otobreda 76mm super rapid dual purpose gun, and a pair of .50 Cals are each side of the boat.

In Game
In War Thunder the Hayabusa class will be Japans best missile boat and similar to the PG-02 we can get a non missile version giving us a speedy gun boat with a deadly cannon. Afterwards a separate ship can be added with the Type 90 SSMs to further enhance its capabilities.

Displacement: 200t standard displacement, 240t full load
Length: 50.1 m (164 ft 4 in)
Beam: 8.4 m (27 ft 7 in)
Draft: 4.2 m (13 ft 9 in)
Propulsion : 3 × General Electric LM500-G07 gas turbine
3 × Pump-jet propulsion
Speed: 46 knots (85 km/h; 53 mph)
Complement: 21


  • OYQ-8B Information processor
  • Tactical Digital Information Link
  • OPS-18-3 surface search radar
  • OPS-20 navigation radar
  • OAX-2 optronic sight
  • FCS-2-31C Gun FCS


  • 2 × Mk 36 decoys,


  • 4 × Type 90 SSM-1B
  • 1 × Otobreda 76 mm gun
  • 2 × 12.7 mm machine gun M2



Hayabusa class | Weaponsystems.net


Would be a fun ship, especially with the missiles! +1

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+1 As a Japanese, i definitely need a Hayabusa class

Also, the combination of speeds over 85 km/h and the OTO-Melara Super Rapid gun should be absolutely delightful. Instead of being a bit fragile, I think it would be used like a more radical Peacock-Class!

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+1 Looks stunningly beautiful

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