Hawker Hunter F.5: The Musketeer

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Introduction: The Hawker Hunter F.5 is an important aircraft in British aviation history, as it was the first of the Hunter family to see use in combat.

The original suggestion was posted by @PremiumFuelOnly on the old forums; this suggestion would’ve been a lot harder to write without it.

Description: The Hunter F.5 was essentially a refined variant of the F.2, brought up to the same standard of the F.4. The aircraft retained the Sapphire 101 as used on the F.2, though some sources state that it was uprated to produce 8,300lb of thrust. The main differences with the F.2 were in the wing, with fuel tanks in the leading edges, and plumbed hardpoints for fuel tanks. These were mainly done to increase range, which was something the F.1 and F.2 struggled with. Another issue the early versions of the Hunter suffered with was the tendency for ejected ammunition links to hit and damage the aircraft’s fuselage. This was solved by fitting streamlined casings over the chutes so that they could be held until the aircraft landed. These were soon given the nickname of “Sabrinas” by the crews, named after a well-endowed film star from the period. The first aircraft flew on 20th October 1954, with a total of 105 produced, equipping five squadrons. As mentioned, the aircraft would be the first member of the Hunter family to see combat, serving with No.1 and No.34 Squadrons in Operation Musketeer in 1956. The aircraft provided cover for other aircraft, and would also engage targets of opportunity on the ground. The F.5s were soon superseded by the Hunter F.6, and the aircraft were removed from service by 1958.



Fuel and Oil Data:

Internal Fuel Capacity: 388 imperial gallons (202 gallons front tanks, 46 gallons center tanks, 140 gallons wing tanks)

Oil Capacity: 9 pints w/ additional 1.5 pints in engine

Fuel Weight: 2985 lbs (internal only)

Engine Data:

Manufacturer: Armstrong Siddley

Designation: Sapphire ASSa.6 Mk.101

Type: axial-flow turbojet

Compressor Stages: 13-stage

Combustion Chamber: annular

Turbine: 2-stage

Fuel Grade: AVTAG

Power Data:

Military Power: 8000 lbf @ 8600 RPM (15 minutes takeoff/combat combined)

Intermediate Power: ? lbf @ 8400 RPM (30 min)

Maximum Continuous Power: ? lbf @ 8200 RPM (unrestricted)

Dimensional Data:

Length: 45 ft, 11 in

Height: 13 ft, 2 in

Wing Span: 33 ft, 8 in

Wing Area: 340 sq. ft (31.59 sq. m)

Wing Loading: 45.88 lbs/sq. ft @ loaded combat weight

Weight Data:

Empty Weight: 12543 lbs

Clean Combat Weight: 15600 lbs

Clean Loaded Takeoff Weight: 17140 lbs

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 19500 lbs

General Performance Data:

Max Speed: 612 knots (1133.42 kph) @ SL

Optimum Climb Speed: 430 knots until 0.87 M is reached

Undercarriage up, flaps up Stall Speed: 140 knots (259.28 kph) @ max landing weight

Undercarriage down, flaps down Stall Speed: 130 knots (240.76 kph) @ max landing weight

Takeoff Distance @ SL: 720 yards (zero wind, 17140 lbs, 15°C)

Landing Distance @ SL: ?

Service Ceiling: 50000 ft

Positive: +7G

Negative: -3.75G

Flap and Undercarriage Limitations:

Undercarriage: 230 knots

Full Flaps: 250 knots

Intermediate Flaps (38°): 300 knots

Maximum Speeds (clean configuration, loaded combat weight):

At SL: 612 knots (1133.42 kph)

At 36000 ft: 0.94M (1160.7 kph)

Time to Altitude from SL (maximum power, clean aircraft, loaded combat weight):

To 10000 ft: 2 min

To 20000 ft: 3.5 min

To 30000 ft: 5.25 min

To 40000 ft: 7.75 min

To 45000 ft: 10 min


Guns: 4x ADEN 30mm cannon (600 rounds total, 150 RPG)

Bomb/Rocket/Missile Ordnance: N/A

Conclusion: I believe that this would make for a brilliant aircraft in game, providing an important aircraft from a historical perspective, but also a highly capable dogfighter with much more power than the F.1 currently in game.



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Hawker Hunter F.Mk.5, 7584M / S4/U/3042, Royal Air Force : ABPic

Hawker Hunter F.Mk.5, 7584M / S4/U/3042, Royal Air Force : ABPic

Hawker Hunter F.Mk.5, 7569M / S4/U/3005, Royal Air Force : ABPic


Pilot’s Notes Hunter F.4, AP.4347D-PN, 3rd Edition, January 1958

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