Having login issues using my psn

Hello i have been trying to login to my psn account on oc for a day now and whenever i complete my 2FA it just brings me back to the login screen any help anyone?

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another person also with psn is reporting the same issue. Could be a cross platform issue for psn users. i would reach out to support

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i got the same problem .
if anyone can help us with is problem.
and i contact the gajin yesterday and the stil dont anwers.

same problem here.
hope this problem will be fixed soon.

Guys, servers are under maintenance…

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STOP PUTTING THIS EVERYWHERE, this is not a update issue. it started yesterday.

Console players cannot log into their accounts. This should be treated as a major issue

And so WHAT?

Do not like it? go rant and put your frustration elsewhere!

Who the hell are you to tell me what I can or can’t tell to other people.

P.s… just for your info, I am a ps player too and mine last game was played at 1am this morning, I’ve read about the update only a few hours ago

Your in the tech support forum, telling people they should take their tech support questions elsewhere? You said it’s because of the update, when that’s clearly not the case.

And, since you didn’t read it before, this is an issue with logging in through PC with a console account. Not logging in through console

You are assuming too much things about me…

My psn account is binded to PC, for personal matters, yesterday I have played from pc and PSN side both.

I can’t tell you if could or could not be an issue from YOUR side, that’s right, but I can surely tell you yesterday psn accounts, binded or not, are working.

Can’t be an issue in my side, as multiple people have the same issue. There’s multiple reddit posts about it, and multiple posts here from yesterday.

I have no doubt about it, please do not doubt also about me 😊

Just for the shake of knowledge, I’ve just finished to download and install the new update on my pc.

I can log in with my PSN account without any issue, I’m logged in now when I’m writhing this post.

me when i lie

I have the same problem only with the Xbox Live platform

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i still cant logged in, submitted ticket too. what do i do except for wait?
i using pc ver and had download update too.

no most of them arent able to login, i have a psn account that i use to login to pc and i cant login with it and there are many other pc players who also use psn accounts to login in and they cant login since yesterday

well yeah it started to happen the day before the update

Well guys, new update is up and running, no issue from my side, both on pc an psn, I’m sorry for your problem still on.

Before reinstalling the game, I can suggest to clean the cache folder and give one more try…

EDIT: in order to exclude any pc issue, try to login using another machine or a different net.

For example install it on a laptop and use your phone internet connection

EDIT 2: since the problem is facing both on PSN and pc, seems that the issue is more likely on the connection side, check your antivirus ( try disabling it…) or try reboot your modem.

EDIT 3: check this out

Telling people it’s your connection without any validation from gaijin is a little counter productive. If it was just MY connection all these other people wouldn’t have encountered the issue at the same time. I’ve never changed my internet since i got to my new place and it was worked fine gaijin fucked up something with their web launcher because even logging in with a gaijin account via the web launcher doesn’t work.


i tried with another (newly created) gaijin account and it got in just fine but when i tried login via steam, it just doesnt work.


It’s your understandable point of view.

Thus, i can say exactly the opposite from my side.

I’m providing infos for helping fellas to understand and hopefully solve their problem.

Given this, sincerely, I can’t do more.

Contact gj support and provide all the info you can gain from your side.

Wishing you all the best