Have certain warships between 475 - 1004 tonnes engine sounds effects been accidentally changed to motor torpedo boat sounds?

I’ve noticed almost instantly apon the update the Project 1331M had a different sound effect for the engine which for the size of the warship just didn’t really make sense eg a 935t warship sounding like petrol driven tinnie.

List of ships that seem effected:

• Project 1331M ASW Corvette

• Project 2 Guard ship SKR Groza

• Peacock class Corvette

• Flower class Corvette

• Admirable class Minesweeper

• Hiburi/ Mikura class Kaibōkan (Escort Ship)

List of possibly effected yet can’t confirm:

• Project 204 ASW Corvette

• Project 1241.2 ASW Corvette

• Isle class Naval Trawler

I’m going through out footage for these three to see if they’re different then vs now.

I figured I’d check with others here before probably making a bug report.

not only that, currently ship exlosion sound is same as underwater explosion sound