Have boosters always expired?

I started thinking about this topic today, and I can’t remember what the answer is.
Have RP/SL boosters always been able to expire? I remember playing WT couple years ago, and as far as I remember, boosters didn’t expire back then. They just stayed in your inventory until used. Did something change in that aspect or am I misremembering it?

Boosters from the 400 warbonds crate in the Warbonds Shop don’t expire. All other boosters have always expired after a certain amount of time.


Huh, okay. Must have misremebered then :(
Thanks for clearing that up!

Yes - as above.

Maybe you are conflating booster expiry with task/challenge expiry? Challenges don’t expire except for a short period a couple of years ago when Gaijin gave them expiry times but backed down after player uproar.

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Might very well be the case.
I guess I was just “dreaming about the Glory Days” of playing WT (low tier) and the booster thingy was a product of my imagination based on that😂😂

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