Hatakaze class Guided missile destroyers - Not that much of a repeat

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What configuration should the Hatakaze class destroyers be introduced in?
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Hatakaze class Guided missile destroyers - Not that much of a repeat


Background and History

The Hatakaze class destroyers is a class of 2 guided missile destroyers built for the JMSDF in the 1980’s as the third generation of guided missile destroyers in JDF service with Hatakaze being laid down on May 20th, 1983 while Shimakaze was laid down on January 13th, 1985, Hatakaze was launched on November 9th, 1984 while Shimakaze was launched on January 30th, 1987, Hatakaze would enter service on March 27th ,1986 and was based out of Yokosuka while Shimakaze would enter service on March 23rd, 1988 being based from Sasebo.


Though visually these ships carry a armament comparable to that of their predecessors as well as general layout these ships were more than just a change in layout, compared to their predecessor they were the first ships of the JMSDF to use gas turbine engines, and though they do look somewhat similar these ships were slightly larger, additionally these ships were built to be capable of serving as flagship for any groups in the case of if a ship which would normally fulfill the role of flagship was not present.


In terms of armament and comparing them to the previous Tachikaze class ships these ships carried the same 5"/54 Mk42 guns in single mounts however the forward mount was now on a elevated position possibly due to the fact that the ships themselves had more prominent bow which was most likely included to deal with poor sea conditions, as for the rear turret it was really wasn’t moved however now was the most aft placed weapon system as the ships also had a helipad included though no hanger was present or installed, the missile armament for the ships was practically the same with both ships using single arm Mk 13 missile launchers which compared to their predecessors was located at the front of the ship rather than the rear though sources indicate that even though the last ship of the Tachikaze class could use Harpoon SSM’s from it’s Mk 13 launcher according to sources these ships did not use Harpoon SSM’s from there Mk 13 launchers however according to what I have found apparently they were equipped with same type of launcher equipped on the last Tachikaze class ship that allowed it to use Harpoon SSM’s but still they did used Harpoon SSM’s with 2 quad cell launchers located amidship allowing them to still carry 8 SSM’s, the ships were still equipped with 1 8-cell ASROC launcher located in front of the bridge and behind the forward main gun turret, they additionally were also armed with 2 Type 68 triple torpedo launchers (still basically Mk 32 launchers) which were capable of using the Mk 46 torpedo, they would also later on receive 2 Mk 15 CWIS mounts with both being place on the sides of the rear superstructure of the ships.


With the classes age Hatakaze was converted into a training vessel now with the hull number TV-3520 on March 19th, 2020 and Shimakaze was also converted into a training vessel also on March 19th in 2021, now with the hull number TV-3521.




4,600 long tons (4,674 t) standard

6,000 long tons (6,096 t) full load


4,650 long tons (4,725 t) standard

6,050 long tons (6,147 t) full load

Length: 150 m (492 ft 2 in)

Beam: 16.4 m (53 ft 10 in)

Draft: 4.8 m (15 ft 9 in)


2 × Kawasaki Rolls-Royce Spey SM1A gas turbines (for cruising)

2 × Rolls-Royce Olympus gas turbines (for high speed only)

72,000 hp (54,000 kW)

2 shafts / 2 controllable pitch propellers

Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph)

Complement: 260


SPS-52C 3D radar

SPG-51C FCS radar

OPS-11C 2D Radar

OPS-28B Maritime Surveillance radar

OYQ-4-1 (tactical control system)


Primary Guns:

2 x 5 inch/54 (127mm) Type 73 (Mark 42 mod 7) gun mounts

Missile Launchers:

1 x Mark 13 Mod 4 single-arm missile launcher for RIM-66 Standard SM-1MR SM (40 missiles)

2 x quad Mark 141 missile launcher for 8 RGM-84 Harpoon anti ship missiles

Anti air guns:

2 x 20mm Mark 15 Phalanx Close-In-Weapon-System (CIWS) (added later)


1 x Type 74 (Mark 16) launcher for 8 RUR-5 ASROC anti-submarine rockets

Torpedo tubes:

6 x Type 68/HOS-301 (Mark 32) 12.75-inch (324mm) torpedo tubes for Mark 46 torpedoes (2 x 3)

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