Has Gaijin Made The Wings On The F8U-2 Even Weaker?

As the title ask, have they made the wings even weaker on the F8U-2?

The last 5 games in it, I had a wing break 3 times.

I’m fully aware of the how weak the wings are, and I take that into account when flying it.

I am very methodical when flying the F8 for this reason, I even uninstalled the boosters as some suggest to keep from breaking a wing.

3 times in 5 matches is more than the previous 30 or 40.

And All 3 times the wing broke I was doing less than Mach 1 and was flying straight, I wasn’t putting any stress on the wings ie pull up or sharp turn.

The first time it happened I thought it was a fluke but then it happened twice more.