Has anyone noticed A-10 nerf?

I recently noticed that A-10’s GAU-8 was nerfed once again. Gaijin cut down the pen from 91 to 79mm. What do you think about it?


God why

Because it is to effective. if you can strafe a russian mbt to death in one run. its OP. simple as that

People only look at flat pen, and while it did go down, the rounds now use much better slope modifiers. 60º pen is much higher, 30º pen is only 1 mm lower. It’s quite safe to say that the rounds perform better at all angles past 30º.


Isn’t that exactly what the A-10 was designed to do?


great. angle pen is better. but all angles have more armor than it pens. so there fore. useless

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Yeah never did it well with the gun

God this is facts.

The A-10 can barely do CAS as it was designed to with all the overpowered SPAA that just one tap my tail and its over, 1100 spawn points gone.

Yea, youre right the A-10s gun was so bad, the Highway of Death was done by nothing but infantry with grenade launchers, and the incident didn’t involve A-10s whatsoever.

Yeah A6 intruders and Apaches did that with the A6 with cluster bombs

“During that time, coalition aircraft bombed a retreating column of Iraqi tanks and armoured vehicles as well as civilian cars, trucks and buses that had been commandeered by military forces. This bombing was done with cluster bombs and incendiary rounds from A-10s.”
Highway 80, the "Highway of Death" during the Persian Gulf War.

“An A-10 Warthog aircraft pilot who took part in the attacks said that it was like a fireworks show with explosions all over the place.”

“Days after the U.S. launched its ground operations on Feb. 24, 1991, Iraq had been turned away from Kuwait. U.S. planes trapped the convoys and Apaches and A-10 Warthogs swooped in unleashing machine-gun fire, missiles and cluster bombs.”

Yup totally…

have you even read it?
it says that A6E got their first with cluster bombs

With the added velocity of the A-10 the rounds can pen much more than on the stat card.
You can easily disable any MBT with a strafing run from a 30-40° dive.

IRL it does nothing much to more modern MBTs

How? Did every MBT suddendly worry about 30mm depleted Uranium rounds coming from the sky?

I don’t think that any MBT increased their engine deck or turret roof armor that much in the last 40 years.

A lot of MBTs also have super weak rear armor.
Only Russian MBTs have all around pretty strong armor while most western MBTs are much more fragile when it comes to being attacked by autocannons.

well it was only really tested against Russian tank and the gun didn’t do much
Most of its kill comes from bombs and missiles

The gun was intended to be able destroy pretty much any vehicle that it could encounter.

Of course guided bombs and missiles made the gun quickly obsolete for that purpose but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used like that.
It’s sort of a last resort.

by the time it was introduced it couldn’t

That why its bad its a plane built around its last resort

Oh I read all these articles, and clearly the A-10 wasn’t involved… according to you… because A6Es got there ahead of the rest of the strike force… “did all the work, dropped all the cluster munitions and even strafed the convoy with incendiary guns” which again according to you, didn’t involve A-10s because multiple sources clearly are ‘lying’ - Sarcasm.

They source you showed said A6 came in first dropping cluster bombs and Apache’s destroying any escaping
Their were A10s their but your implying that their gun did all this damage which it didn’t