Has anyone experienced this bug?

My game just randomly looks all the way up at the sky and I have no control over it. I dont think it is my controller because its never done this before.

I’m getting MadCatz flashbacks from this post.

Its probably your gaming chair, when is the last time you replaced it?

I think I’ve heard of it happening, because I’ve read this ‘looking up’ issue prior, but searching it’s not turning up.

All I can think of is recommend you reset your controls to default or load a prior saved control preset if no-one else comes back with anything sensible.

But I’d just hold back on my advice until someone who actually does know, comes back with the same maybe.

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Chair? I sit on my bed when i play games

My mistake, carry on sir.

this happens to me too sometimes when im in binos it’ll look to the corner of my screen