Has anyone else noticed that the challenger 3 so far is just a worse leopard 2A6 yet it's treated as being better?

I’m pretty sure the title is pretty self explanatory

It’s missing a Lot of stuff that’s fr but it’s not better than the 2A6 tho i Will Say it is more versátile since it has better reload and thermals wich may not look by much but it’s really good

New to the way they treat British tanks?


yes and it’s weird, so just started playing Britain this year and playing war thunder 3 years ago, Britain is a very fun nation but it has some very weird decisions in it by gaijin, like how the centurion MK.3 is 7.7 the same BR as the Caernarvon which is just the same thing but better in literally every way and how is the challenger 2 TES is treated as being better than the Abrams M1A1?

TES would be. If chally 2 armour was correct, alongside crew layout. And if the gun’s effectiveness was right. Oh and it had the correct powerpack.