Harrier GR7 TIALD targeting pod

Currently the TIALD targeting pod on the harrier GR7 weighs double than it should.


then make a bug report, in the forums it doesnt do anything

Unfortunately, the load weight is likely correct and it’s just the statcard that’s wrong.

have just letting people know

it might be but i doubt it because it would weigh more than a 25mm cannon with 100 rounds

230kg according to The Royal Air Force Handbook: The Definitive MoD Guide that was produced by the RAF Directorate of Public Relations


For comparison with more modern pods, Litening III is 220kg, Sniper ATP is 202kg

So it’s probably a few kg too heavy, but 120kg would be way off.

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566lbs (256kg).

So what you are saying we need to nerve it further and increase its weight?

Exact weight of TIALD probably depends on the variant honestly. There being Series 100 to Series 500 etc.

Manual does cover both the 400 and 500, but doesn’t specify a weight for a specific version.

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Leonardo and GEC Marconi both put the mass at 210 kg. maybe the extra 46 kg includes the pylon on the Harrier?

Reasonable assumption, isn’t like it would be much use without.