Harrier Gr.1/Gr.3 cockpit question

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Always wondered: Anyone got an idea what that thing just left of the HUD is? The one with a honeycomb-licke rear surface and what in game appears like a glass wedge at the front?

31269_1460776604.jpg (1024×702) (jetphotos.com)

Apparently “The box left of the HUD was indeed the standby sight. The mesh bit on the front was an anti dazzle mesh covering the light assembly. The rectangular shape was the lens and collimator. Looking through gave a vertical line, gun aiming cross, and pipper which was adjustable through a depression control (knurled knob on bottom rear).”"




Example of one without the anti-glare cover on

As explained in the video, it’s enclosed at the back and not a sight that you look through directly like a telescope. Instead it relies on binocular vision with both eyes open to project the illuminated symbols on the sight seen with your left eye, as a virtual image overlaying the HUD in the centre.
Same sort of concept was used in early illuminated red-dot optics for rifles.

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I always thought that it was a speaker for the pilot