Harbin Z-5 "Hound"

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Harbin Aircraft Industry Group - Harbin Z-5 (哈尔滨 直-5) - Passed for  Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

Harbin Z-5, The PLA’s Mi-8



The Harbin Z-5, produced by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group, is a versatile helicopter that is a licensed replica of the Soviet Mi-4 helicopter. The development of the Harbin Z-5 began in February 1958, with its first test flight taking place in December of the same year. However, due to the rushed development process, all Z-5s produced between 1958 and 1960 did not meet the required standards and were not accepted for military service. It was not until 1963 that mass production of the Z-5 officially commenced. Despite being a licensed replica of the Mi-4, there are notable differences between the two helicopters. The Mi-4 utilized a wood and steel structure for its rotor and helicopter blades, whereas the Chinese Z-5 employed a fully steel structure. This modification significantly enhanced the performance, durability, and structural integrity of the Z-5’s blades. Additionally, after 1966, the Z-5 incorporated back rotor blades made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic, further improving the helicopter’s maneuverability and agility. Similar to the Soviet Mi-4, the Harbin Z-5 initially served as a transport helicopter but also featured an armed variant, akin to the Soviet modification of the Mi-4. Currently, all Z-5 helicopters, regardless of their purpose, have been retired from active service.

Technical Data


Crew - 3 (Pilot / Co-Pilot / Gunner)

Length - 25m

Height - 4.4m

Engine - 1 x Dongan HS-7 14-Cylinder, 2 Row, Air Cooled Radial Piston Engine (1,250 kW)

Main Rotor Diameter - 21m

Max Speed - 210 km/h

Range - 780 km

Service Ceiling - 6000m

Max Takeoff Weight - 7,800 kg

Weight - N/A

Climb Rate - N/A



1 x 12.7mm DShK Machine Gun

2 x 57mm Rocket pods (14 in total)



File:Albanian Air Force Harbin Z-5 Lofting-1.jpg - Wikipedia
8673 | Harbin Z-5 | China - Air Force | Captain Lorca | JetPhotos
File:Harbin Z-5 at the China Aviation Museum,Xiaotangshanzen,Datang Shan  (7529148358).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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7272 Harbin Z-5 | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA | John Yates | Flickr



Harbin Z-5: Photos, History, Specification

Harbin Z-5 - Wikipedia


Made with aid from Harbin Aircraft Industry Group - Harbin Z-5 (哈尔滨 直-5) - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum old forum post

About: Harbin Z-5

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I’m of two minds to this. On one hand, it deserves to be in the Chinese tree, as it represents the first attempt by China to make a helicopter with attack capabilities. On the other hand, it is even worse than the Mi-4AV, though the machine gun gives it an edge over the Japanese UH-1. It should be added, but I’m not sure how.

While it’s an interesting helicopter, its abilities to perform in a battle is more than questionable.

I think is should be put in front of the Z-11.